detox keeps cancer under control

While you are or were on the heavy chemo cures, you may have noticed your body goes into a descending spiral down the drain. You feel tired by sitting on the couch. That’s because your body is eaten alive by the chemicals, and a lot of toxins are coming your way. If you don’t get … Continue reading

PD-L1, things to worry nowadays

Say you are sick with cancer. If you got so far and you are still alive you should hold on a little bit more. I read every day things about new discoveries, ways to treat this menace. For example, the immunotherapy is something worth checking. Specifically, the PD-L1. The scientific article can be read at … Continue reading

“first post”

Like every new beginning, it’s hard to write a “first post”… Therefore I will go simple. I am sick, I have cancer for almost an year and a half now.