Advance payment

I hope this will not jinks me and even so I want to take the chance to do things right.

I will probably start a new treatment very soon that will cure my final stage lung cancer. Yeeey!

But wait, is anybody curious how did I get here? Let me take you back telling that I had this diagnose two and a half year ago.

I still write now this post because of my wife Anca Stanescu. She may have if not cured me then definitely helped me win all this time. You know the official odds, three to six months.

I got to see our children grow and I could spend all this time with the family. I learned in a special way what dedication and sacrifice means. But also I learned what NO GIVING UP means.

How did she do it? She did not believe in the mainstream stories about this disease and gathered tools and means to extend my life.

She might tell you more, but here are some hints on what she researched and applied.

1. Believe you can get cured
2. Stall your sickness
3. Do not believe what doctors say (we refused third line chemo)
4. Stop drinking alcohol
5. Stop drinking coffee and black tea
6. Stop eating meat, milk, bread
7. stop eating ANYTHING from the standard supermarket. Expensive but you buy time by eating food without poison
8. Find a good and honest homeopathy doctor, avoid crooks
9. Eat every two-three hours and spread a balanced healthy diet through the whole day
10. Drink fruit and vegetable juices
11. Get into super foods, like wheatgrass, kefir, weed, things like that
12. Rest, pray and meditate
13. Get a shrink who really helps, not only sitting in a chair billing you and waiting for you to die

This is just a comprehensive list. There such more.

The same I cannot write how much she did in the last three years, the same I cannot thank her enough for helping me.

I hope she will help others too, world may get better.

Pray to your God so He may shine His light upon your dark road, the way my road was lit by this great soul.

Thank you Anca, my wife, my everything.

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