Dealing with sadness

I guess it always comes a moment when you feel sad, and you see the world around you in black colors… Well, it’s going far beyond black colors.

Let me ask you a question: were you ever so sad you could not think anymore? That sadness which blocks all other senses, the one you can only contemplate, the one you cannot break?

While being there couple of times already, I learned something: there’s no feeling you cannot control. Let it in, sink with it, watch it bringing you to the pits of hell itself, and feel the feeling. Try to understand what it does to you, yes, understand. Make it smaller by unveiling its work through your mind.

After you reached the bottom, observe around you. You are still there, fighting together with your loved ones. They hug you with their worries, with their kindness, they pray for you, and they take your sadness away.

I have a wife which is unique, she gives up everything for us. I have two beautiful children, which ask for me to be there for them every day. I have no time to feel sad, I have to be.

Although tears flow inside me, although sadness eats me alive, I can still think about and for my family, and there, I can think again.

I hope you guys are all fighters, it’s worth living.

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