detox keeps cancer under control

While you are or were on the heavy chemo cures, you may have noticed your body goes into a descending spiral down the drain. You feel tired by sitting on the couch.

That’s because your body is eaten alive by the chemicals, and a lot of toxins are coming your way. If you don’t get them out, they will ultimately kill you, not the cancer itself.

You could have a less abrupt spiral by making all sorts of detoxification procedures. Consult a homeopathic doctor (ask for credentials!) and under strict supervision you could get some food supplements and procedures which will get the toxins out your body.

I just started today a new one: clean sweep. This will clean my digesting tract of toxins. It lasts 5 days and I have to drink 3 times a day some heavy fibers together with some mineral.

Do you know other detox cures for cancer patients?

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