PD-L1, things to worry nowadays

Say you are sick with cancer. If you got so far and you are still alive you should hold on a little bit more.

I read every day things about new discoveries, ways to treat this menace.

For example, the immunotherapy is something worth checking. Specifically, the PD-L1. The scientific article can be read at this site: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3563263/

They explain the T-cells with this treatment to do their work and kill the cancer cells. It should be good, results are very good.

There are trials all over the world. But where I am, I need to satisfy some conditions:

  • I need to be fit to get the treatment (my other organs should work good)
  • I need to have a progression on my disease

Unfortunately I have a low kidney function and my disease is stabile. What does this mean? I cannot try to new treatment! At least until I get really sick and my kidneys are doing well…

I would like very much to hear from your experience about this PD-L1 treatment. Is it accessible to you? Have you already tried it?

I worry that I might collapse before this treatment is widely available.

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