What if?

What if chemotherapy is not the only option?

I am now months without any palliative treatment.

Scary as hell, knowing cancer doesn’t rest, it goes further, it grows within and brings you every day lower and lower.

Or is that so?

9 weeks in a row the markers go down and the tumors seem to rest.

What do I do? Besides loving my wife every second for being there with me and helping me through this? Besides loving my kids? Besides wanting with all myself to live? Besides praying all day asking for help, salvation and mercy?

I have kind of a strict diet now:

Chinese thee 1
Wheatgrass juice 1
Lemon with honey
Vegitable juice 1
Budwig (kwark based one) 1
Fruit smoothie 1
Green smoothie 1
Coffee cleansing
Wheatgrass implant
Vegitable juice 2
Fruit smoothie 2
Green smoothie 2
Wheatgrass 2
Light dinner (no meat)
Budwig 2 (same kwark based)
Chinese thee 2

Ok, that is the ideal. I manage every day to do about 15 out of 17 things.

Next to that, food supplements, vitamins and cancer stoping things.

I let you know in about a month how things go.

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